STYLE: Agonium watches by Daniel Strom


Awaken you inner design-loving goth.

They say that when Daniel Strom imagined his new collection of watches entitled Agonium, he was intent on instilling his timepieces with attitude, lifestyle, symbols and myth.

And oh my did he hit the nail well and truly on the head.

You immediately realise exactly how much attitude, symbols and myth each piece has as you observe the undulating, engraved, engrossing and at the same time detestfully gothic nature of his new Swiss watch collection. Few watches – at least the ones I’ve ever paid any attention to – give this strong a statement and allude to as dark a theme.

The Agonium collection is definitely a daring impact on time as made evident through the certain edginess that infiltrates the sculpted depths and mounds of each surface of the designed watch face.

Staying true to the typical nature and reputation of Swiss watchmaking, each piece is an artistic masterpiece flawless in mechanism and resilience with the srterling facade and unique appeal that is befitting of nothing less.

Each piece is made by hand uniquely by a sculptor with a dark undertone, reverborating the unique nanture and eye-catchingly dark facade. This leaves inimitable and character-building scratches, etches and markings on the surface of the characters of the watch and the gothic embodiments it includes, testament to the craftmanship and artistic flair encapsulated in each piece.

Why the gothic and skull obsessed motif? Why not. The watch range tells the story of symbolism and creativity as per the hands of designer Daniel Strom, but also the creative hand of the working artists that aided their creation in a celebration and harking back to the symbolism of these figmentary and darker symbols that held such an impact on watch wearers in by-gone eras.

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