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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Melbourne Girl. We’re thrilled you are considering being a part of the Melbourne Girl story and we hope to share your mutual love of our city with our readers and social audience in the near future.

Below you will find details on the types of posts we look for and specifics about our editorial process. We provide insight into the quality we expect of our guest contributors. Take a read through the submission criteria before beginning your blog post or reaching out to us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


About Melbourne Girl

Led by our Founder and Editor Emily Collie, the Melbourne Girl team love sharing insider tips as women who live in and around Melbourne, Victoria. We report on our favourite hidden shopping gems, delicious eateries, must-see sights and the best vents in Melbourne.


Melbourne Girl audience

Our Audience enjoy a coffee hit every morning and are always up for an awesome event or festival. We love a long brunch on the weekends, a fabulous Friday night out with friends, and are forever on the hunt for hidden shopping gems, delicious foodie finds and must-see sights in and around the city. Predominantly female, although plenty of guys trickle through to see whats up.

Melbourne Girl is also popular with readers who are visiting Melbourne and we seek to provide insights that only a local can share, striving to immerse all our readers in the perfect Melbournian lifestyle!

All guest contributions must be relevant and applicable to our readers, so please focus on posts that will be interesting to predominantly Australian women aged between 25 and 34,  who live in Victoria.


Why write for Melbourne Girl?

Currently all guest posts are unpaid, however sharing your experiences with an engaged and like-minded audience is a great way to network and cross promote your own blog/website.

  1. Your post will receive broad exposure, Melbourne Girl has a loyal and dedicated following, with over 180,000 monthly users (Blog Page Views + Social).
  2. The Melbourne Girl community is highly responsive through comments on our website and social media channels, creating a rewarding experience all around.
  3. Every post includes a bio with links back to your site. Our contributors note that featuring their writing on Melbourne Girl increases traffic to their own blog and social media channels.


The best way to work with Melbourne Girl is to become an active blogger who contributes regular, informative and entertaining posts. These are the contributors we look to when we have exclusive event attendance and promotion opportunities.


Examples of the types of posts we look for

What to do in Melbourne posts:

We look for posts that advise on the best places/events in Melbourne to visit/attend and experience. Examples include:

Top 17 Brunch Spots in Melbourne

7 reasons to shop, eat and experience Dandenong Market

5 ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in Melbourne



We look for posts that reflect on personal experiences in Melbourne, including exciting new destinations and general positive reviews of Melbourne brands, businesses and events. Examples include:

Holey Moley tees off in Melbourne

Stretching out at Barre One Camberwell

Happy Little Glampers at Cosy Tents


Submission criteria

We have a limited number of guest contribution post positions available throughout the year.

Our blog posts fall into a broad range of categories including eats + drinks, design, wellbeing, spring racing and road trips.


We will only accept posts that satisfy the following criteria:

Posts need to reflect the city of Melbourne in a positive manner. We will only accept posts that discuss a positive personal experience of activities/happenings being reported.

Posts need to be insightful and entertaining. We encourage all posts to include specific personal opinions, tips and suggestions.

Posts need to have a direct connection to the city of Melbourne.



We only consider full blog posts and don’t accept pitches under any circumstances. The approach your post takes and how it is tied to ‘your love of Melbourne’ will help us determine if it is a fit for Melbourne Girl.


Submissions Limitations and Restrictions

Posts cannot be blatantly promotional. Links to your personal blog/website should only be included in your bio at the end of the post (read “Style Guide” below for more info). Links pointing to relevant content on a blog from the body of the post are acceptable, but shouldn’t be promotional in nature.

All content must be exclusive to the Melbourne Girl, original and authored by you. You may use ideas and concepts you have written about in the past as long as the content itself is completely new. Posts that have already been published elsewhere will not be considered under any circumstances.

We do not respond to submission enquiries that include a request for a link exchange – these posts are not accepted under any circumstances.

All affiliations must be clearly disclosed (i.e. are you a customer? Partner? VIP?) The author cannot work for any brand/company mentioned in the post.

We only consider full blog posts and do not accept pitches.


Our Editorial Process

All submissions received will be reviewed for acceptance criteria. It may take a few days before our team can respond to new submissions. We receive a large quantity of submissions, so we appreciate your patience throughout our review and production process.

If your submission fits our criteria and is likely to be a good fit for the Melbourne Girl audience, we will contact you by email to confirm our intent to review your submission for publication.

While we cannot always honour specific publication date requests, our editorial team will do its best to accommodate the needs of our contributors.


Please note:

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, only applicants with successful submissions will be contacted.


Social Media Promotion & Reader Interaction

Melbourne Girl will promote most posts via our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other relevant social media channels. Contributors are encouraged to also share their post throughout social media.

Please check the blog post intermittently to respond to any comments.


Reuse of your Melbourne Girl posts

All contributions to Melbourne Girl should be original content and not repurposed in its entirety on your website or any other blog.

Discussing the post on your own blog/website is acceptable, however we ask that all subsequent references of the post provide a link to the original work on Melbourne Girl.


Your Content

Unless stated otherwise, Melbourne Girl do not claim any permanent ownership of your content.

You will grant or cause to be granted us a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, right and license to use, reproduce, perform, display, distribute, adapt, modify, re-format, create derivative works of, and otherwise commercially or non-commercially exploit in any manner, all of the content you submit to us, and to sublicense the foregoing rights to our affiliates and operators of any website or other online point of presence through which the Services are available thereon are syndicated, offered, advertised or described.

Nothing in this Agreement will prevent or impair our right to use without your consent the content and any other materials provided by you, to the extent that such use is allowable without a license from you under applicable law (e.g., fair use under copyright law, referential use under trade mark law, or valid license from a third party).


Post Style Guide

Post Criteria

Length: articles should be at least 750 words and no longer than 2,500 words.

Heading: no more than 70 characters in length


Links within your posts

Melbourne Girl is flexible on the number of links in a post but remain reasonable. See above for “Submissions Limitations and Restrictions”.


Photo Criteria

You should provide 3-4 photos with your post submission. Should your submission be successful, we may contact you to request further imagery for inclusion.

Format: .jpg or .png

Size: All images must be at least 1050 pixels wide (at 96 dpi)

Copyright: All photos must be your own original photos or supplied specifically with permission for use on Melbourne Girl.



Your personal biography should be approximately 60 words in length and include a link to your blog, as well as these social media profiles for display – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.



We use a site called Gravatar to manage our author’s headshots. New contributors should create an account there and upload a headshot. Once this is done, we’ll need the email address that was used to register the account, so we can associate your headshot with the author profile we will use in your posts.


Submission Instructions

After creating your Gravatar account, please submit your post and photos using the form below.

Publication dates will be based on Melbourne Girl’s editorial calendar. If your blog is approved, we will try our best to get in contact with you before publication so you may promote accordingly (see “Our Editorial Process” above for more details).

Melbourne Girl reserves the right to edit posts for clarity, grammar, voice and relevance. Posts that require significant editing will be rejected.





Advertorial Opportunities

Melbourne Girl does not accept contributor posts that simply advertise or promote a product or brand. Please consider these specific requests to be advertorial or sponsored opportunities. To discuss advertising further, you can request our current media kit and rate card.


If you have any further questions, please drop us an email

Thanks again for your interest in contributing to Melbourne Girl!



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