Resilience in Relationships – Chapel Street Workshop

The Resilience Series - Chapel Street Workshop

Let’s talk about resilience in relationships… We’re taught growing up that relationships are easy and that once we’re in them they’ll flow perfectly, fulfilling our every needs and desires. We’re lead to believe that butterflies in our stomach equals love and that maintaining a rocking sex life will come easy. We’re told that obstacles will be easily avoided and that when problems arise it’ll be smooth sailing, especially if we’re dating ‘the one’.

What a crock of sh!t!

I’ve made it one of my life’s missions (alongside trying everything that contains peanut butter) to help people understand long term love and what a deep, healthy and fulfilling relationship looks like.


Resilience Series - Melbourne Workshop


That’s where my upcoming workshop, Resilience in Relationships comes in.

You see, resilience is a key part to relationships and is something we must learn and develop in order to grow, strengthen and deepen them.

Resilience is what it takes to make a relationship unshakable.

Resilience is what it takes to make a relationship rock solid.



Resilience in Relationships

Chapel Street Workshop

Saturday July 21, 2018


Alongside Lucy of The Graceful Collective, at The Windsor Workshop on Chapel Street, we’ll be delving into:

  • Navigating through major life change and challenges as a couple
  • How to ask for what you want, say what you need and share how you feel
  • The art of arguing with your partner
  • The secret of self-compassion and why it’s so important in a relationship
  • 7 ways to reignite passion and excitement in your relationship
  • How to communicate, listen and connect in a long term relationship
  • What to do when the butterflies go?!


Perfect for singles and couples, this low-key workshop will help you kick start your way into a kick ass relationship full of love and excitement.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to know what a healthy relationship looks like
  • You want to know how to articulate yourself in a relationship in healthy, productive ways
  • You and your partner are embarking on some pretty major change and you want to ensure your relationship foundations are rock solid to you can enjoy this next step together
  • You’re tired of feeling as though you want different things and are moving at different speeds, you want to get on the same page and move through the next stage of life together
  • Something is challenging your relationships, unexpected or planned, and you’re craving coping mechanisms to help navigate this
  • You’re looking to reignite the spark in your relationship and want to inject some more love, fun and excitement


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See you all there!




** Photos of the Resilience Series by Lecinda Ward





Megan Luscombe is a certified dating & relationship coach, freelance food & leisure writer and event manager (yes, she runs three businesses). You can find her here: @meganluscombe_

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