Park easy in Melbourne with Parkhound

Parking in Melbourne can be a nightmare! Luckily, Parkhound has solved this problem. It is an amazing little app that allows drivers to digitally navigate parking options.

Robert Crocitti and Michael Nuciforo have developed the interactive online map and app that gives drivers a comprehensive picture of parking availability. The map covers parking, private car spaces and car parks and gives users the ability to see time limits, costs, loading zones, clearways and disabled spots.

It’s also an opportunity for people with spare parking spots to rent them out, (and they can get rewarded for doing so, by charging a fee).


Melbourne Girl - Parkhound


Parkhound is rapidly becoming popular across all major Australian cities. Whether you want to find a convenient parking spot or earn some extra off an unused car spot, it’s worth a look.



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Laura is a fashion and lifestyle writer, and editor based in the beautiful city of Melbourne. She has a degree in Journalism and tries not to spend all of her savings on hand bags... fail!

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