Top 5 places to visit at Falls Creek

Falls Creek is a beautiful, all season Alpine Resort, a four hour drive from Melbourne (allowing a little extra time for stops and transfers). Once you get off the Hume Highway, it’s a lovely, scenic drive up to Victoria’s high country.

Arriving at Falls Creek is like stepping into a new world. My friend Alex and I were invited to experience the snow culture at Falls Creek, and it really opened my eyes to a world I’d never seen before. I am not a skier/snow boarder (although I may be converted now!) This road trip made me realise that maybe I’ve been missing out…

For those in the know, car and accommodation transfers are a common thing. To those who aren’t, be aware that visitors to Falls Creek need to leave their cars in a parking spot and get a transfer to their accommodation.

Falls Creek is beautiful spot to visit. There is a distinctive festive atmosphere in the village, and everyone was particularly excited when we were there due to the increased snow fall.


Ski Lift - Falls Creek

Falls Creek - Victoria's High Country

Falls Creek - Fireworks


Alex and I stayed at Nelse Lodge. Nelse is a family owned business (by the lovely Graham and Ros), and the owners could not have made it feel more like you were staying at a family home. Nelse had a warm, inviting atmosphere and nothing was too much trouble.

We often lose the personal touch when staying at a hotel, but staying at Nelse was another new experience for me where I actually got to know the owners and enjoy the communal feeling.


Falls Creek Village by night


So, how did I actually go on the skis? Quite well, to be honest! Falls Creek fitted me out in hire gear, and I was sent onto the slopes for a private lesson.

I’ll make an admission here: I was slightly petrified. Learning to ski in your late 20’s does not feel like it’s going to be easy. But actually – it is! I generally feel quite uncoordinated, but my instructor made skiing feel like the most natural thing in the world.


Falls Creek, Australia

Skiing Falls Creek



I had a group lesson the next morning, which was also great and opened my eyes to the different teaching styles of instructors. I think a conversation I overheard sums it up best: “just do what feels natural”.

From a first time perspective: the feeling of slicing through the snow and staying in control is indescribable. I imagine it’s like catching a wave on a surfboard and standing up for the first time. It is awesome.




Top 5 places to visit at Falls Creek:

Astra – a fabulous bar and restaurant with a great atmosphere and a seriously delicious cheese platter.

Stingray – a lovely snug bar to eat, drink and admire the slopes from.

SpaQ – muscles hurting after hitting the slopes? No worries, SpaQ offers a variety of treatments for everyone.

The Man – enjoy a drink at the institution of Falls Creek.

Elk – delicious food and a great atmosphere. I recommend their bacon and egg toasties – These babies are about a foot long!


Tips for first time visitors to Falls Creek:

  1. You will use muscles you didn’t know existed. Be prepared for pain (but the good kind).
  2. You might need tire chains in case of heavy snow. They can be hired lower down before you hit Falls Creek (e.g. in Bright).
  3. Is your car freeze-proof? Check with your mechanic if you need anything in case the radiator fluids turn to jelly.



A big thank you to the team at Falls Creek (particularly to Tory and Anthony) for hosting our trip.





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  • September 24, 2015

    Joy @MyTravelingJoys

    Ha ha…learning to ski in your 30s is just as bad! 🙂 I was googling things to do in the Falls Creek area as we want to roadtrip there this spring. Curious to see what the atmosphere will be like soon in warmer weather!

  • July 9, 2016


    Just wanted to clarify your Tips for first timers, snow chain hire is mandatory for Falls Creek and Hotham regardless of the weather or time on mountain during the official snow season. However Mt Buller only requires rentals for overnight trips and specific days depending on the weather (which they report on daily). Cheers ?

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