Australian Grand Dairy Awards

Who can say no when they are invited to the most prestigious dairy awards of the year? We were invited to the Australian Grand Dairy Awards on Wednesday evening, held at the delightful Pop Up Patch.

Needless to say, the night was filled with dairy goodness. I’d say cheesy goodness, but that doesn’t take into account the delicious dessert and savoury products that were on offer.

Guests were taken on a tour by the lovely Alice Zaslavsky, to hear the winners in each category and sample the produce. There were 19 dairy producers that took home the trophies, and two grand champion winners.




The Grand Champion Dairy award went to Bulla Creme Fraiche, and Heidi Farm Gruyere won the Grand Champion Cheese award.

The mix of dairy products that guests got to sample was amazing!


Ice cream? Try the premium chocolate by Dooly’s.

Cheese? Let’s sample a gourmet toastie.

Yoghurt? Yes please to Ruby and Roy’s Yoghurt Divine Vanilla Bean.


Feel like some dessert? Celebrity chef Jake Kellie whipped us up some Harvey Fresh Milk Mousse with honeycomb, viola and sour berries.






It was an amazing evening and fantastic to see so many producers awarded for their efforts.

If you would like to see a full list of the categories and winners, visit the Legendairy website.




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