Core Candy fitness classes

Core Candy, a funky studio tucked upstairs on the corner of Chapel Street and Commercial Road. Last Thursday they put on quite a show, inviting locals to try out their cleverly choreographed Barre and HIIT classes, which ran simultaneously to the awesome live tunes of DJ Nathan Murray.

After running my own group PT session down the road, I pushed the pedal to the metal and headed down Chapel Street hitting a top speed of 40 km per hour. Jumping out my car, I darted across the street into a nail salon, I quickly became confused as to where the party was at? After realising I had missed the side door, taking two steps at a time, I headed up the stairs to be greeted by the lovely Erin from ClassPass.

I had not missed the workout.



Candy for your Core


Their HIIT class studio set-up was great. The studio walls were decorated with Pilates springboards which were incorporated into the HIIT workout, along with slam balls and a whole lot of moving and shakin’. It only took 30 minutes to work up a serious sweat before my legs were burning and my belly was grumbling.

After sculling half a litre of water, I got to indulge and taste-test a variety delicious refreshments from Matcha Maiden, Nourish Bowls, Golden Grind, Remedy Kombucha, Green Cup and Haus of Health.


Matcha Maiden


Mingling and gossiping, I managed to catch up with Core Candy’s founder Candice Ota, who opened this studio after living in New York, working as a lawyer. I was so inspired to hear how a young woman like Candice created a dream and had the determination and guts to live it out.


If you want to feel inspired, then I highly suggest you check out Core Candy.


Pia is a lover of burpees, chocolate and calling it a night before 10pm. She is also the Founder and Real Body Coach at Melbourne Fitness & Wellbeing. MFW is home to all-female bootcamps; where girls just want to have fun...and feel the burn, all at the same time! It is also home to the Melbourne Foodie guide; which recommends where to go and what to eat, without bursting your jean button. Pia spends a lot of her time touring the Melbourne health and fitness scene; from Barre to Sweatin' it with Kayla, Puma Runway shows to Tap dance, she believes that there is a love for fitness out there for everyone; you’ve just got to find it! Pia hopes that through her writing and own personal experiences, she can help people find their love of fitness, in this beautfiul city she calls home.


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