10 Greek Plates

10 Greek Plates

10 Greek Plates is situated on Martin Street Brighton; where traditional Greek meets ‘moderna‘ (as my boyfriend’s Yiayia would say). They pride themselves on authentic recipes, fresh produce and flavours that create memorable dishes.

Whether you are up for a night out in their humble establishment, or whether you feel like eating a sophisticated takeaway meal, slumped on the couch in your PJ’s; 10 Greek Plates food is sure to be enjoyed on any occasion.



Sitting around a huge table that was beautifully decorated and utterly festive, we were served some pita bread with Tzatziki, White Tarama and Spicy Feta dip. It’s so hard not to fill up on dips and bread, so I tried to hold back. The Saganaki came out soon after and it was delicious! There were two types (according to the Greek mascot I had brought along with me), both as equally as delicious as the other.

In true Greek form, the food kept coming. Unsure if we were up to our mains yet, or still finishing up our entrees, Greek Zucchini Fritters were served with feta, mint, dill and tzatziki.



Reassuring me that the mains hadn’t even been served yet, the boyfie told me to ‘slow down’, knowing I have a habit of going too hard, too early… which is the story of my life really!

He was right. The mains hadn’t even started.

Fresh market fish, Hellenic platters; offering a variety of perfectly cooked and seasoned gyros, sausages and meat balls were served, along with several salads including a traditional Village Greek salad.

This big fat Greek dinner was becoming more than I could handle. I should not have eaten breakfast that day, little lone lunch.



Quietly changing the notch on my belt to allow for more room, I psyched myself into sampling the Loukomades (Greek donuts) for dessert.

Rubbing my belly, like Buddha himself, I turned to the Greek mascot, seeking his approval of these amazing dishes…

The verdict?

Sick Re.

(Sick mate)





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