Peninsula Hot Springs launch their Wellness Calendar

The Peninsula Hot Springs have officially launched their Wellness Calendar; a seasonal calendar of events, therapeutic classes and workshops that include yoga, bathing, nutritional talks and much more.

Former Olympian and newly appointed Wellness Ambassador, Steph Prem, will not only be involved in guiding some of the wellness sessions, but she will also be contributing her expertise to some of the workshops being offered.

When I was asked if I would like to attend a day getting pampered at the Hot Springs, I checked my schedule to see if there were any other appointments of relaxation retreats scheduled in for me that day, month or even year.


The invite was extended to a plus one, so I ‘dragged’ the bestie along (kicking and screaming… as she could not contain her joy) and we headed on a road trip down to my old hood, the Mornington Peninsula.



Starting late morning, like any relaxation retreat should, we meeted and greeted the other relax-ees at The Royal Moroccan Tent, where we got to graze (or scoff in my case), some yummy raw treats. After filling our bellies with goodness and just as the sun poked its head out for a quick minute, we were taken through a beautiful Vinyasa Yoga class, which in true form, ended with some deep breathing and meditation.

Feeling stretched, we then sat down with Theme Rains, founder of Synthesis Organics; a luxurious Australian bio-active skincare collection, who has partnered with the Peninsula Hot Springs. Teasing us with some beautiful smells, Theme spoke to us about the amazing benefits of Synthesis Organics, whose aim is to nurture and protect our skin without compromising our health or the environment.

It was interesting, yet scary, to hear that we put over 2 kilograms of products onto our skin each year! Skin, being the biggest organ, absorbs this, along with all the toxins in non-organic and unnatural products. Fortunately you don’t need to worry about this when using Synthesis products!

Smelling amazing, we headed off to lunch at the Springs’ cafe where we were treated to a variety of nutritious meals, that not only catered to the ‘all you can eat’ people like me, but they also offer dairy-free and gluten free options too.



Feeling extremely satisfied, it was now time for some serious relaxxxxxation. Considering I have the bladder of a 5 year old (especially when I am excited), dressed in my togs and robe, I headed to the bathroom one last time. Waiting in-line, I quickly checked my email… and found out my accounts had been hacked.

Could my ‘hacker’ have timed this better?

Confused and sick to the stomach, I spent the next 2 hours sitting with my feet in a warm spring calling my bank, Paypal and boyfriend; in between each phone to cry. I don’t know what had upset me more – the fact I was missing out on the Hamam bathing experience, or because my privacy had been violated.

Thankfully, my bestie was able to experience all that the Springs had to offer. Although insisting she stay with me, I demanded that she relaxed. At least one of us needed to get in our ‘zen’!


My bestie said the following about the experiences I missed out on:

Guided meditation: ‘We laid in a shallow, thermal pool where our ears were above the water (and I had a party to go to that night and didn’t want to get it wet), we got to float and completely relax whilst listening to some guided mediation. It really set the scene and put me in a calm state-of-mind for the remaining therapies.

We then walked down this pebble path that stimulated the trigger points in my feet. It was like I was getting a massage while I walked!’

Hamam Bathing: ‘It was this warm steam room where an amazing lady guided us through a cleansing and exfoliation process of rinsing body, with either cold or hot water. Then we applied an oil extract soap that literally made my body squeaky clean. After that, we exfoliated and then rinsed ourselves off again. It was absolutely beautiful and I felt so invigorated!’



After, what felt like, a million phone calls later, I had managed to shut down my life online and joined the girls for their final therapy – a facial, using Sythesis Organics products. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed, this all soon changed within 2 minutes of entering the facial therapy room. It wasn’t long before I had forgotten about the ‘hacking’ of my accounts and the fact that I had missed out on my spa treatments. None of this mattered now. My face was being massaged and my senses were being stimulated.

Walking out of my room like nothing had even happened, my bestie and I decided to spend the next hour relaxing in the spas and enjoying the amazing retreat that is the Peninsula Hot Springs.



If you’d like to check out the Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Calendar, click here.

Or if your account and online life has been hacked, then I suggested you head to the Springs to release all that tension and stress.






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  • December 16, 2016


    Oh that is so awful! What happened with the hackers. Sorry to hear it! The last thing you needed. But this place looks like a dream, and I am glad you got to enjoy it. Man I want to go there now!!

    xx Jenelle

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