The Good Food and Wine Show kicks off in Melbourne

Melbourne Food and Wine Show

Each year the Good Food and Wine Show comes to town, and this year could be the best show yet.

I was so excited to be invited along to an early preview of the Food and Wine Show, with the promise of new exclusive enclaves where you could rest your weary feet with champagne, oyster, smelly cheese and more!

Our intriguing morning started with a pizza making class with one of Melbourne’s best pizza chefs, Johnny Di Francesco from 400 Gradi.


Food Wonderland

Media Preview - Food and Wine Show - Melbourne


We learnt that you don’t add oil or sugar to your dough and that the best pizza dough is rested for about 24 hours! Another tip was not to roll the dough, the best pizza bases are stretched with love.

Next, we had a tour of this year’s amazing array of food and wine stands.  We were indulged with a crepe filled with Nutella and a steaming hot coffee, as we past stands filled to the brim with delicacies that we would be coming back for.


Media Preview - Food and Wine Show


We were guided past unique muesli blends, scrumptious cakes and pastries, herbs and spices, jams and butters and for me the pinnacle was the cheese oozing from a whole street of smelly cheese stands tasting their wares.After the food came the refreshments.

There are stands from all over Australia bursting with tipples of amazing delights… Boutique gins and ciders, beers of all sorts and every kinds of wine that you could possibly think of.

All you need is your tasting glass and you are in heaven.


Cheers to the Melbourne Food and Wine Show


All of these amazing stands are surrounded by enclaves offering respite from the world of food and wine, with glamorous stands offering delicacies such as the Tattinger Champagne and Oyster Bar, or the Riedel wine tasting Bar, or the Smelly Cheese lounge and VIP lounges offering all of this and more.

So, if you are looking for a way to spend a wintery day this weekend, the Good Food and Wine Show is the place to be. Running June 2-4 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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Clare is a Melbourne based (degree qualified) nutritionist, passionate about helping people feast on Melbourne eats with health in mind. Passionate about teaching her clients about sensible, smart eating leading to a long healthy life.

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