Meatworks in South Melbourne

Meatworks is slightly off the beaten track in South Melbourne, but it is a little piece of carnivorous heaven that is worth exploring.

Lindsay Jones-Evans is the creative force behind Meatworks. Set in a former panel-beating garage warehouse, the building has been transformed into a an industrial-chic restaurant.


Meatworks - South Melbourne


Meatworks is currently open for breakfast and lunch, and specialises in meat (in case you couldn’t tell from the name). The menu may seem a little short, but it is constantly growing. Lindsay designed and built the wood-smoker which smokes, braises and slow-roasts the meats.

Melbourne Girl got to sample a mix of dishes from the brunch and lunch menu. I can honestly say that the meat is cooked to perfection – it’s so tender it almost melts in the mouth! There are a few breakfast and brunch options, and breakfast finishes at 11am.

Be prepared for an unusual mix of flavours and textures. We tried the poached fruit and buckwheat salad, and were intrigued by the amount of coriander in a sweet dish.


Meatworks Brunch


The Meatworks concept was inspired from a trip Lindsay took to Spain in 1993. He saw a big open-air market with a giant bank of rotisserie chickens, and the idea was born.

Lindsay has big plans for the future, including it’s recent move to open for dinner. There is also a bar in the making that will offer three specialty house white and red wines. Speaking of drinks, Meatworks also makes their own amazing cola and lemonade.




I’m looking forward to heading back to try the evening menu. Lindsay’s plans for Meatworks sound amazing, and I think it will be the perfect spot to stop by for a glass of wine and nibbles after work.


You can read more about Meatworks here.


28-30 Ross St.
South Melbourne

Ph: 03 9041 5727


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