Guide to buying a vintage handbag

Guide to buying a vintage handbag

Are you thinking of buying a vintage handbag? Making a luxury purchase is a lot like buying a car. You want to make the right choice, so it’s important to do the right research sure you are making the best investment for you. That’s why I decided to put together my guide to buying a vintage handbag in Melbourne (and online).

I recently purchased my first Chanel bag from a consignment store and I did A LOT of research before I made my purchase. I wanted a to ensure I had a clear idea of the price points I should expect for different styles of bags, and how to authenticate vintage handbags in case I bought online.


Vintage Chanel Bag - Crave Tote

Buying a vintage Chanel Bag in Melbourne


Tips for buying a vintage Chanel Bag in Melbourne


If you are considering investing in a luxury bag, it’s good to consider buying a classic style and colour. In the industry, there are three brands that generally hold their value: Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

I purchased a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 five years ago in Barcelona, and since then the same bag has more than doubled in price. The resale value of my Speedy( in good condition) is actually higher than what I paid!

A black vintage Chanel from the early 90’s can cost anywhere from $1000-plus. If they are in good condition, they will almost certainly cost a lot more!



Vintage Chanel Bag



Top 3 places to buy a vintage handbag in Melbourne


There some amazing places to buy a vintage handbag in Melbourne, if you know where to look! Here are my top 3 picks >

Mio Tesoro – Mio’s specialises in handbags, so it’s a great first stop to check for the bag of your dreams.

Eurotrash – This is a mecca for luxury-lovers.

Secondo – Secondo is best known for their range of vintage designer clothing, but keep an eye on the Facebook page to see some of the amazing bags they do get in.


The best thing to do is watch any of these stores’ Facebook and Instagram feeds. A lot of stock is sold directly from there, or triggers a sale. There is also a store in Queensland )called Designer Archives) that basically sells all of it’s stock through Instagram, so keep an eye on them too. Even just as a cost comparison if you’d prefer to buy from an actual boutique here in Melbourne.

And if you can’t find the bag of your dreams? The best place to buy online is The Real Real. The Real Real is the largest online consignment store in the world. Other websites to consider are FarfetchYoogi’s Closet, or Fashionphile. These websites all have professional authenticators working for them.

Be very careful buying online though – that’s why it’s good to do your research! It’s a minefield of fakes. I found some videos by Vintage Heirloom incredibly helpful. There is also a fantastic guide on Yoogi’s Closet about authenticating luxury bags.


Good luck finding ‘the one’.

Hopefully this is a purchase that will bring joy for years, so enjoy the hunt… I sure did!






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Laura is a fashion and lifestyle writer, and editor based in the beautiful city of Melbourne. She has a degree in Journalism and tries not to spend all of her savings on hand bags... fail!


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    I become regular reader of your blog.. You share great piece of information in each post.

    Products of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes etc are the dream of every fashionista including me 🙂

    I’ve 2 LV and 1 Hermes scarf and want to increase these numbers and add some new members from other brands.

    I generally prefer brand’s individual boutique to shop my fashion accessories due to authentication fear but now I found a website i.e. that have a good range of designer bags and they claims 100% authenticity of each products with lifetime money-back guarantee. I’m thinking to order from them, would like to suggest anything.


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