MSFW: Emerging RMIT Runway

The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) Emerging Runways are always a fantastic chance to see the next big designers. We went along to the Emerging RMIT Runway on Sunday evening to see 20 new designer’s collections, and to see who won the MSFW Emerging Student Designer Award.

There were five finalists, including Gabrielle Leavesley, Katherine Barter, Emily Purcell, Lydia Andersen and Stephanie Henly.


Backstage Emerging RMIT Runway

Emerging RMIT Runway - Mecca Make Up

Emerging RMIT Runway Backstage

MSFW Emerging RMIT Runway


Congratulations to Stephanie Henly who took out the award, with an amazing yet very wearable collection.

The award includes a 12-month mentorship program with the Council of Textile and Fashion, an internship with a leading Melbourne brand, inclusion in the MSFW 2017 Creative Collective Exhibition, along with tickets to MSFW events.

Lydia Andersen and Gabrielle Leavesley also got a special mention.


2016 Emerging RMIT Runway

Victoria Bliss - Emerging RMIT Runway

RMIT Emerging Runway

Emerging RMIT Runway MSFW 2016

Emerging RMIT - Runway

Award Winner - Emerging RMIT Runway


Seeing the student’s work is always a treat, because they often range from beautiful works of art to pieces with classic lines and style. This runway was no exception!

Big congrats to all of the students for an amazing job.



All photos by Lucas Dawson Photography


Laura is a fashion and lifestyle writer, and editor based in the beautiful city of Melbourne. She has a degree in Journalism and tries not to spend all of her savings on hand bags... fail!

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