Top Business Tips from the New Beginnings Fair

Entrepreneurialism is alive and well in Melbourne, and the New Beginnings Fair is the place to soak it up and indulge yourself in the most useful business tips to help you grow and succeed in today’s marketplace, no matter which industry you’re in.

Having my own small business, I was thrilled to be heading along to the New Beginnings Fair in North Melbourne. I found myself hesitantly walking into an old warehouse, past an old peppercorn tree and through a beautiful old federation door and into a new world of entrepreneurial exploration.

The old warehouse was spectacular.  It appeared to be a wood work art space, that was full of light and gave you the sense that someone had given this majestic building a new beginning too!


Top Business Tips

New Beginnings Fair


This was the first time the fair had been in Melbourne, and it provided the chance to mingle with like-minded people and talk to people who had experience in starting their own businesses too.

I’m talking about the likes of Aaron Smith who started the KX Group and Susannah George who started the Urban List, and they offered insights into their journeys that made me realise that the challenging days of business are all part of the small business ride.


Made in Melbourne Coffee

New Beginnings Fair - North Melbourne


The day involved a number of stimulating workshops, which delved into knowledge that small business owners need to succeed.  The first was an exhilarating Instagram workshop delivered by Of Kin, providing valuable secrets leading to the success of Instagram story telling.

The second workshop, by Rome2rio, was a strategic masterpiece about generating public relations for your new business.

The third workshop found Clearpoint Counsel talking legal jargon about the importance of contracts and other essentials, and the final workshop of the day was delivered by the entertaining Eight Clients who enthusiastically outlined the best way to use social media to increase your following.


New Beginnings Fair - Melbourne 2016


Here’s my round up of the top tips from each of the workshops.


Top Business Tips from the New Beginnings Fair


1. Vulnerability is the birthplace of creation on Instagram.

Your followers want to see the real you, so that they can connect with you. Don’t be afraid to show that you are vulnerable too. Have a clear understanding of how you want to represent your brand, and keep a consistent look on Instagram.


2. Good PR is free and you need to chase opportunities.

Source Bottle is a great website that connects journalists with experts in their field. Prepare a Press Kit, and be ready to write.


3. Make sure you have contracts in place for every element of your business.

Employment contracts, supplier and service contracts are a good start. This will protect your business by limiting liability.


4. Know your audience.

When you are developing your social media strategy, make sure it is based on showing your followers who you are or what your product does by conversing with them, don’t talk at them about it. Social media is most successful when you engage with your followers, and allow them to engage with you. Think about the person you want to portray when you are representing your brand, and link up with other influential people on your social platform.



If you have a business idea, or you’re a building your own business, make sure you put the New Beginnings Fair in your diaries for next year!




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