Holistic Skincare From Osmosis

On a cold and dreary Melbourne morning (seriously Spring, where are you?!) we headed to the breakfast launch of Osmosis Skincare at the gorgeous Glasshouse Eatery.

In need of some serious brightening serum to lift our spirits, we were intrigued to test out the new skincare range scientifically proven to address every aspect of skin damage from the inside out.

Created by internationally renowned medical physician, Dr Ben Johnson, Osmosis Skincare’s promotes a holistic approach that aims to repair the skin rather than provide a quick and temporary fix.


Melbourne - Osmosis Breakfast


“The aim in all of the things we do at Osmosis is to target the source of the problem, you can’t get deeper in the source of any problem than helping the skin to fix its own DNA repair,” says Dr Ben Johnson.

Catalyst AC-11 is Osmosis’ hero product appropriate for all skin types, and clinically proven to make wondrous changes in the skin your skin radiate like a sunrise. The serum combines vitamin C, amino acids and minerals which encourages skin to increase collagen and elastic production whilst also promoting wound healing and improving sun protection.


Osmosis Gift Boxes


Over smashed avo and a soy latte, Dr Johnson talked us through the range and the room buzzed at the prospect of improved skin radiance and luminosity, increased elasticity and reduced redness.

Since trailing the Catalyst AC-11 – this Melbourne Girl is loving the results so far with softer, smoother skin and some good looking lotions and potions to add to the bathroom vanity.


Osmosis Skincare


To view the collection and learn more about Osmosis Skincare head over to their website here.


Lucy Allen is a Life + Career Coach who is passionate about supporting women find and maximise the joy in their lives. She provides powerful support in times of change, uncertainty and new beginnings and works with high-achievers to redefine success and lead happier, healthier, more intentional lives.

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