This is a seriously Fab Little Bag

This is a seriously Fab Little Bag - Melbourne Girl

We have a new bag obsession and no it’s not a Gucci, Miu Miu or Prada, it’s a Fab Little Bag. Launched by Melbourne #girlboss, Bec Park, FabLittleBag is a no fuss, oxo biodegradable, opaque and sealable bag that’s taking the headache out of periods for women around Australia.

The first purpose designed sanitary disposal bags, FabLittleBag will ensure you’re never caught out again with a blocked toilet or no bathroom bin. Using one hand you can simply pop your used sanitary items in the bag before binning them or storing until a bin is available. We know what’s on your mind – why didn’t I think of that?

We caught up with Bec to find out why she brought FabLittleBag down under and how life is treating her as a female entrepreneur in Melbourne.


Flatlay - Fab Little Bag

Fab Little Bag


What’s it like launching a totally new brand and business in Melbourne?

Launching FabLittleBag in Melbourne is so exciting as it’s a product I’m extremely passionate about! Our city is full of incredible local brands and entrepreneurs so there’s plenty of opportunity for creativity and collaboration with like-minded Melbourne women.

Working in Melbourne is truly an inspiration overload with an abundance of art, design, fashion, innovation, and of course, plenty of good coffee to keep the ideas flowing.


Why did you decide to bring Fab Little Bag to Australia?

With over 11 million females in Australia, there’s a real need for a simple product to aid the disposal of used tampons and pads. FabLittleBag aims to empower girls and women in the disposal process and ensure they have one less thing to worry about each month during their period.

After seeing the success of FabLittleBag in the UK, it was a no brainer. I knew FabLittleBag could make a truly positive impact on the lives of Aussie women so I jumped at the opportunity to bring it down under.


How does Fab Little Bag work?

Fab Little Bags are uniquely opened with one hand using two finger loops and have a seal that ensures that a bag can be confidently contained and carried if there’s no bin in sight!

They’re great because they offer a secure and clean option and can be used anywhere, so it’s perfect for girls on the go. Whether you’re in a public toilet without a bin, at a music festival/camping or any other unfamiliar bathroom situation, FabLittleBag has you covered.


Why should every Melbourne girl get their hands on Fab Little Bag?

Melbourne girls are eco-friendly girls! Most women are either binners or flushers and FabLittleBag is here to revolutionize the way women dispose of their tampons.

Flushing sanitary products down the loo causes all sorts of trouble, from clogging drains to sanitary products ending up in the wrong places, which can have detrimental effects on Melbourne’s precious waterways.

Natural binners are awesome, but there are many situations where the old “loo paper” wrap isn’t convenient or ideal. FabLittleBag provides the perfect discreet alternative.

FabLittleBag ensures that feminine products are disposed in a way that benefits the environment – providing both convenience and peace of mind for the environmentally conscious!



Get your FabLittleBag now from their website >




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