Frosé is the Cocktail of Summer

If you happened to spend some time in New York during their summer months this year, you probably had the chance to sip on a spectacularly beautiful concoction of frozen rosé with the scent of fresh strawberries and the splendour of a slushie from your childhood. This is what memories are made of!

Mr Miyagai has brought this New York cool to Chapel Street Melbourne, and it will ensure your summer of 2016 is memorable. Mr Miyagi’s Frosé is a very cool mix of the strawberry and cream like Domaine Chandon Pinot Noir Rosé, fresh strawberries and a touch of sweetness, all cut like diamonds into a smooth, icy cocktail creating is an exquisite glass of beauty.


Frosé Cocktails at Mr Miyagi


The Frosé was launched with the stylish crowd all displaying a touch of pink to offset the beauty of the Frosé.

As expected, the food to power the crowd consisted of the famous Mr Miyagi Nori Taco, which was overflowing with succulent confit salmon belly and kimchi encased by the tempura-fried nori sheets and flavour charged with fermented chilli paste and Kewpie mayonnaise, the special Miyagi fried chicken with the MFC seasoning and the infamous 12hr pulled pork steamed buns that are beyond good.


Mr Miyagi


The glorious beauty of this summer cocktail means that you will be busy snapping it for Instagram to share with all of your friends, but remember to be quick because you don’t want the ice to melt.

Mr Miyagi adds a stunning flower to your shot, so it takes you right to a secluded beach with your besties.


Frosé Cocktail


The magnificent Frosé is fresh and cool and is likely to be your tipple of choice throughout the Melbourne Cup Carnival and beyond.

Mr Miyagi says “Men come and go, but Frosé will always be there”.

Thanks to Mr Miyagi, this is now true.



Mr Miyagi
99 Chapel Street, Windsor
Melbourne, VIC





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