Food and Design Weekend pops up in Melbourne

Melbourne is the most fabulous spot for festivals of all kinds and last weekend a new one popped up in Collingwood – the inaugural Connoisseur Food and Design Weekend.

The brilliant minds of Broadsheet and Connoisseur ice-cream banded together to devise the festival of delicious food and unique design. The sun came out to provide the perfect backdrop to a sparkling array of unique arts and crafts and delicious food options.


Food and Design Weekend


Food and Design Weekend pops up in Melbourne


The festival was firmly anchored by the creative team from the New York ice-cream legends OddFellows.

They are famous in the States for their fun and creative flavours and their world-renowned ice-cream sandwiches. OddFellows collaborated with Connoisseur ice-cream and Tuck Shop Take Away to introduce the most amazing selection of ice-cream sandwiches exclusively designed for the food and design festival.

The American theme was continued with the other food trucks on hand, such as the USA Today pizza, generously covered in pepperoni and cheese from Shawcross Pizza, The Reuben pastrami on rye from Bowery to Williamsburg or the Maple-Bacon bagel from 5 & Dime. All delicious examples of fine American fast-food fixes.



Salmon Ceviche


Being a Nutritionist, I was on the hunt for a healthy lunch to precede my ice-cream treat. As always, the healthy option was easy to find and amazingly delicious. I chose the scrumptious salmon ceviche from Nieuw Amsterdam.

The salmon was melt-in-the-mouth smooth, served with refreshing watermelon, spicy chilli, soothing avocado and crunchy coriander. A dish worthy of an award!


Melbourne Design

Nice Digs


The design on offer at the Festival was a brilliant selection of unique gifts that would be a welcome addition to any Christmas Tree.

There were on-trend colourful earrings from Kitsu, delightful cards and art from Alison Turnbull and Nice Digs provided dog accessories that would make your dog look comfortable if it happened to be waiting outside the OddFellows ice-cream shop in downtown New York!



Here’s hoping the next Food and Design festival is held soon. Enjoy!




Clare is a Melbourne based (degree qualified) nutritionist, passionate about helping people feast on Melbourne eats with health in mind. Passionate about teaching her clients about sensible, smart eating leading to a long healthy life.

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