Ben and Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas – St Kilda

It’s that time of year where we can have a Ben and Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas experience at Melbourne’s most popular beach, St Kilda.

Running until the 18th of December, grab yourself a cosy blanket and a picnic basket filled with delicious bites and head down to the foreshore to watch some old movie favourites or the latest new release.


Ben and Jerry's Open Air Cinema - St Kilda


The day after opening night, the boyfie and I packed our picnic basket (which is actually an old beach bag) and headed down to the Open Air Cinemas for a VIP experience. The sun was still out, so we got to listen to a live music that entertained us, while I tried to figure out how many layers I may need, once the sun went down.

After having a look at their menu, I decided it was the night to indulge… this was not a very hard decision on my part what-so-ever. In fact it took me less than 0.2 seconds to decide; tonight was cheat night and I was not going to even flirt with the idea of eating any of the salad-based, protein-fueled food, my partner had so kindly packed.

Ditching him and his healthy gourmet meals like a pair of old socks, I ordered myself a red vino and a pizza. Suffering from immediate FOMO, the boyfie quickly jumped on my rebellious band-wagon and orderd a pizza too.


Ben and Jerry's Open Air Cinema - St Kilda


Feeling young, wild and free, we sat snug on our blow-up chairs scoffing our faces, like it was our last meal on earth.

The sun began to set and I was feeling far from romantic, as my belly hung out over my jeans, I told myself that a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate, double chocolate something something goodness was totalllllyyy off the cards.

Mid-way though ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, I started looking around for that lovely girl who had served me my pizza and said ‘just wave your hand if you need anything else’. Looking out the corner of my eye, I needed her… well not her, but the pint of Ben and Jerry’s double double chocolate chic-chip ice cream. The boyfriend looked at me and quietly whispered ‘don’t do it’… ignoring his advice for the hundredth time this week, I waved my new friend over and ever-so-politely demanded she bring me a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate something something a-sap!


Ben and Jerry's Open Air Cinema - St Kilda


Only managing to touch the surface of my pint-sized goodness, the boyfie made a snide comment about being weak and that my eyes were way too big for my food-baby, I mean belly.

Amongst the feelings of regret and remorse, I thoroughly enjoyed my Open Air Cinemas experience and I think you would too.


Grab the girls, grab the boyfie or even grab your mum, and head down for the ultimate outdoor cinema experience.


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