Luna Park Melbourne celebrates their 104th Birthday

Luna Park Melbourne celebrates their 104th Birthday

You know that the Summer holidays are near when Luna Park Melbourne opens its doors during the week, and last week the doors opened to celebrate their 104th Birthday.

Melbourne shone with a barmy summers day, as excited party goers of all ages marched through the smiling face at the entrance of Luna Park.  We were welcomed with gourmet bites and drinks to match that started the celebration off with a bang.



The anticipation was building as we chose which ride to pile onto, to get the thrills of being tossed into the air provides. People of all ages screamed through the Haunted House, or closed their eyes as they were thrown into the air on the Twin Dragon flying boat ride. But it was the Power Surge ride that got my attention.

It is the newest ride at Luna Park, and once you are strapped in you are flung sky-high in chairs that spin and twist giving you the ultimate stomach-churning thrill seeking ride!

The smaller thrill seekers were captivated by the Arabian Merry ride, with sweet elephants dipping and diving through the air and the Silly Serpent, which is the perfect mini-roller coaster and introduction to rolling around a slippery track.



I always love the dodgem cars and the Street Legal Dodgems did not disappoint. We crashed and collided to disco tunes, as we hooned around the track targeting poor souls in front of us. I am also a sucker for winning a prize with the Laughing Clowns and can never say no to a Balloon character. Given my love of food and nutrition, I was lucky to get a carrot balloon this time!

Did you know that the Great Scenic Railway is the world’s longest continually operating roller coaster? It is the roller coaster that surrounds the park, and is just as exhilarating now as it was when it started in 1912. Providing not only a heart-pounding adventure, but also a stunning view of Port Phillip Bay.

So if you are in the need for speed, thrills, bumps and laughs then you need to head straight to Luna Park this Summer.

Don’t forget to have the fairy floss – it is a winner!







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