The 5th Tokyo Range launches in Melbourne

If you haven’t heard of The 5th, now is the time.

An online fashion and lifestyle brand which aims to provide it’s customers with ‘carefully-considered, stylishly executed pieces, designed to make you look and feel great’, they’re known for keeping their eyes on the fashion pulse.

Their common goal?

Inspiring people to want and get more out of life. To go after what you love. And to make the most of every moment. Because worse than finding out, is wondering ‘what if?’




Last week in St. Kilda, they launched their new TOKYO RANGE of watches, all of which are inspired by the city, seasons and people of Tokyo (brilliant concept, hey?).

Each watch takes us through a different journey and look: FUYU represents Tokyo in winter, AKI is Autumn, HARU takes us to spring, NATSU brings the baby blues and showing of Summer skies and TSUYU shows the rainy side of Tokyo’s seasons.

Seasonal colours. Contemporary classic. Perennial style.


The 5th Tokyo Range - Melbourne LAUNCH

The 5th launches new range in Melbourne

The 5th Tokyo Range launch


The room was dressed in in gorgeous Japanese Cherry Blossom by Loose Leaf with guests dining on Asian fusion style food and sake. It truly was a vision.

Item specifications are available on their website however one thing is for sure, they’re stylish and well on point. A much needed accompaniment to any wrist!


To visit their website for purchases and browsing click here.


Megan Luscombe is a certified dating & relationship coach, freelance food & leisure writer and event manager (yes, she runs three businesses). You can find her here: @meganluscombe_

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