Stretching out at Barre One Camberwell

Stretching out at Barre One Camberwell

Barre One, which opened earlier this year, is situated in the heart of Camberwell. This studio is all about the love of Barre.

I was invited in to try one of their sessions. I was running on time and I didn’t really getting lost… Ok I did do a few laps up and down Burke Rd thinking I was going bonkers with the numbers; then I realised the entry is from the shopping center carpark.

When I entered Barre One, I was greeted by studio owner Zoe. I just love the feel of a Barre studio, they always have such a pretty, gentle feel to them. This studio is no exception. It gives you a sense of calmness from the moment you walk in.


Stretching out at Barre One Camberwell - Melbourne Girl

Barre One Camberwell


Barre One has a range of class styles. They really offer something for everyone.

There is a class suited for the days you want to work really hard and get the burn in your glutes, abs and arms, but then there is a class suited for the days when you need more flow or a good stretch. Having done a kick-boxing workout on Monday and an intense leg session with my Personal Trainer on Tuesday, my Wednesday feels were definitely in need of a more relaxed, nuturing workout. So “Nuture” class it was.

Their classes have a similar structure to others, in terms of time at the barre and time on the mat, but they don’t follow a set number of reps or les mills style rigidity. They encourage all of their teachers to weave in some of their own speciality, whether that be yoga, Pilates, ballet or contemporary dance training. Zoe has a Pilates background and this was evident in her Barre class, as we did a number of isolated movements and lengthening exercises.


Stretching out at Barre One Camberwell - Melbourne

Stretching out at Barre One Camberwell - Melbourne - Australia


Barre One are passionate about creating a space where women feel comfortable to move, extend themselves and be empowered through movement. And this is exactly how I felt; I was in an environment where I was able to explore my body through movement and feel really supported by instructor. I would say that Barre One is suitable for all levels and they offer five different styles of classes.

If you are looking for a calmer, less intense class, then opt for Nuture or Breathe. If you are looking for a class with a bit more intensity and you want to get your heart rate up, then opt for Empower. On days where you’re looking to dance your time away; Ballet or Grace are the way to go.


For those wanting to try Barre for the first time, or for those just wanting to explore a different Barre studio, Barre One is currently offering a two week trial that gives you a chance to try all of their class styles and meet all of their gorgeous teachers.



Barre One
1/576 Burke Rd, Camberwell




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