5 fun things to do in Ballarat

Wyatt Art - 5 things to do in Ballarat this Spring

Want to know some fun things to do in Ballarat? As well as the blooming of buds along the iconic streetscapes and landscapes, spring in this gorgeous town is characterised by the blossoming of the city’s arts and cultural scene.

Every day, the city comes to life with a plethora of offerings set to mesmerise, inspire and empower. So this season, make the journey to Ballarat and immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of art, movement, colour and sound set against a historic backdrop.


5 things to do in Ballarat this Spring



5 fun things to do in Ballarat this Spring


1. Admire the work of La Chapelle

American photographer David La Chapelle is headlining this year’s Ballarat International Foto Biennale. Loud, political, colourful and sometimes controversial – La Chapelle’s work is social commentary at its finest. The infamous American photographer has his works on display as part of a retrospective exhibition, with works featuring celebrity icons the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Andy Warhol, Whitney Houston and Hilary Clinton, to name a few.

La Chapelle’s works have to be seen to be believed and photos can’t do justice to the scale and grandeur of the pieces. With just over two weeks left to catch these photos in the flesh, you better get to the Art Gallery pronto. The month-long Biennale also features the work of professional and budding photographers from near and far showcased in up to 90 locales throughout the city.


2. Celebrate the skull

From October, the Art Gallery of Ballarat will be showing its highly-anticipated Romancing the Skull exhibition – celebrating the representation of the skull in pop culture and exploring life beyond the mortal world. The exhibition will also look at the waythe skull has been embraced as an important symbol in Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations with more than 20 iconic prints by artist José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913) showcased to Australian audiences for the first time.


3. Night out with the Girls

Explore Ballarat’s prized nightspots with an evening of entertainment at one of the city’s live music venues. Or, if you’re in town early October, make sure to check out the Ballarat Cabaret Festival, bringing the city to life through intimate, interactive and often-times provocative performances. Held between October 5 and 8, this year’s festival will feature quality, creativity, originality and fun, and has been programmed to interrogate the boundaries of what makes great cabaret.


Open House - 5 things to do in Ballarat this Spring

Open House 2017 - 5 things to do in Ballarat this Spring


4. Open the doors

Up to 20 of Ballarat’s most prized locales are set to open for public viewing as Open House Melbourne extends its program to the region. The two-day will be held at the end of October and will see a series of private houses, significant commercial and civic buildings and landscapes open to the public in celebration of the city’s history, with many spots open exclusively for the first time ever. Definitely one to mark in the calendar!


5. Discover the hidden gems

Explore Ballarat’s ever-increasing offering of galleries and museums. Head to Wyatt Art and delight in the contemporary art on show, or admire the work of budding artists at the historic Post Office Gallery. Gallery on Sturt will also be hosting a series of exhibitions by some of Australia’s most iconic artists during the spring period. Click here to find out more.



For all the details about things to see and do during the spring season of art and culture in Ballarat, visit seasonofthearts.com.au








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