Australia’s best Festival for art, music and food

Biennale of Australian Art - Australia’s best Festival for art, music and food

Are you a fan of art, music and food? If your hand is now in the air and you are nodding ‘hell yes’ then do I have THE festival for your to-do list! The first Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA) has hit Ballarat, bringing the largest ever showcase of contemporary Australian art to this historic city.

Featuring more than 150 artists, BOAA is a jam-packed six-week festival of art, music, food and delight, bringing Ballarat’s charming indoor and outdoor spaces to life!


Australia’s best Festival for art, music and food


Here are four reasons why this festival is perfect for all the art, music and food lovers out there!


1. Largest ever showcase of Australian art

Ballarat will be divided into three distinct villages during the Biennale – the Lake and Gardens, CBD and Eureka. Each of these precincts will come to life with numerous exhibitions and artforms (sculpture, visual art, installations), so make sure you set aside ample time to visit each village. We suggest taking a three-day getaway to Ballarat, with each day headlined by one village.


2. Concerts and performances

The Biennale will feature a range of immersive artistic experiences, and music will play a huge role in the program. It’s worth scheduling your visit to coincide with one of the concerts taking place throughout the six weeks. Musicians from across the country will take to the stage on weekends as well as during mid-week lunch and dinner events.


3. BOAA Dark

If you visit during a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be in for a real treat when BOAA Dark lights up the night. The evening program will incorporate video projects and live music, transforming the nights with colour, lights and performance art.


4. All the food!

Ballarat is a sure food and wine destination in the western Victorian region, so your BOAA travels will give you the perfect excuse to wine and dine at the city’s premier foodie destinations. Some of the newer kids on the block include the Bromley-owned Pub with Two Names; the Asian eatery Moon and Mountain; and the warehouse café Hydrant. BOAA will also host its own Art Dinners, so you can immerse yourself in art both on and off the plate!



So plan your girls trip getaway now, and get set for the ultimate roadtrip!

It runs until 6 November, for all the deets, you can visit their website here.




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