#Hash Specialty Coffee in Melbourne’s laneways

You’ll never know just what you’ll find down one of Melbourne’s iconic laneways. From beautiful boutiques and sensational street art to irresistible coffee, quirky nighttime spots and fabulous foodie hangouts there are hidden gems around every corner.

Halfway down Hardware Lane is arguably the city’s most heavenly hot chocolate,waiting to be discovered at #Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters.



#Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters


Owner Syed Mirranay is humble about his café’s creation, which is fast becoming one of the most liked menu items on Instagram.

“We got the inspiration through an ice-cream dish, which used fairy floss, and we just thought lets give it a try with hot chocolate,” he said. The concoction proved to be an instant success with word quickly spreading on the photo-sharing app.



It’s not hard to see why with a mountainous mound of the white-sugary stuff leaving jaws dropping upon serving.

“Every customer that saw it, they just wanted to have a try of it,’ Mirranay said. “They were just curious and now it’s just exploded through social media.”

The café’s menu is chockablock full of gram-worthy dishes including the chorizo, scallops and eggs, the leek and cheddar croquettes, and the slow roasted pork belly.



For a taste of spring the coconut yoghurt pannacotta and rice pudding brulee are sure to hit the spot and have your followers lusting over your beautiful brekkie.

Coffee is considered a craft, and rightly so, with a signature and origin blend available as well as filtered and brewed coffee.

#Hash in Hardware Lane isn’t hard to miss, as you’ll often see a pack of people waiting patiently out the front (enjoying the laneway atmosphere).


But who wouldn’t want to leave their name on the list for one those high-rise hot chocolates?

You can count me in.



Photos by Eugene Hyland
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