Thurley Spring Racing Collection Launch

Planning numerous outfits for the Spring Carnival can be a rather challenging and overwhelming task especially with the pressure to impress on social media.

One Melbourne designer has taken matters into her own hands after developing a collection simply with the races in mind. Last week we celebrated the Thurley Spring Racing Collection Launch with a VIP brunch at their flagship store on High St, Armadale.


Thurley - High St, Armadale


We caught up with Thurley designer Helen O’Connor, who knows exactly what the fashion-forward woman wants with a return to femininity (perhaps inspired by the recent 1970s revival), as a highlight of her latest creations.

“It’s all about beautiful feminine lace, you can see there’s a lot of boho bell sleeves”.

Stop right there Helen. You had me at bell sleeves!


Thurley Spring Racing Collection Launch


Every race day has been considered in the design process as is proven with a wide variety of colours, prints, textures, and silhouettes all embodying the Thurley aesthetic.

“I’ve done a lot of black and white particularly for Derby, and I’ve done some soft pastels for Oaks and then for Cup day I’ve done bright pops of beautiful Mediterranean-inspired blues”.

Ah, doesn’t it sound oh-so dreamy?


Thurley Spring Racing Collection Launch


She’s right too, the blue hues in this collection are bang on the money but the prints are also a real standout.

“Our real signature has become botanicals, so you’ll see each month we’re dropping just a new evolution of beautiful botanicals – There’s also a print inspired by embroidery so it’s like a nice way for someone to buy into the look but for half the price”.

Bingo. I like the sound of that.


Dressing for a Day at the Races


Helen’s dos and don’ts on dressing for a day at the races >

1. It’s really important to acknowledge the dress codes so make sure you’re being respectful.

2. Be comfortable in what you’re wearing and also really make an effort.

3. Put a hat on, make sure your accessories are really considered and work around one feature piece for your outfit.



So stop, take a deep breath and embrace the effortless Thurley way of nailing a head-to-toe look trackside this spring.

See the entire Thurley collection Online or in store at >


Thurley Boutique
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Armadale Vic 3143

Mon – Fri 10am-5:30pm
Sat 10am-5:30pm
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Ph. 03 9500 986


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