Lady Carolina opens in Brunswick

All would agree, Lady Carolina is exactly what Brunswick needs.

Just over a year ago, after months of negotiating with my north-side born and bred boyfriend, he convinced me to take the plunge into the unknown and move to North Melbourne. Prior to my recent move, I spent the past 12 months living in the north where I use to frequent Brunswick on a regular basis. I must say, it’s a place that continues to inspire me every time I go. That is because, anything goes!




Lady Carolina opens in Brunswick


Dare to be different

Like the rest of Brunswick, Lady Carolina dares to be different. This launch was extravagant and a massive stand-out in my mind. Inspired by the tastes and exoticness of Cuba, Peru and Mexico, Lady Carolina caters for all. For those looking to sit down and dine, this Latin Kitchen Rum and Pisco Bar allows you to have a dining experience at the front, where you can be served the highest quality produce. Entry is on Lygon Street. For those looking for a sneaky taco and a few quiet Latin beers, the Latin street food hides out the back, where there is a strong street-party fiesta vibe. Anyone can tip-toe in from Glenlyon Road and tip-toe back out unnoticed.

Approaching Lady Carolina, I realised this use to be the old Jimmi Jamz. After a casual chin wag with some of the staff, I found out that the owners took the plunge and decided to completely turn this (what I perceived as) trendy café up on its back and completely flipped it over. I love the fact they had the guts to do it! That is entrepreneurism at its best! Seeing a gap in the market and a trendy hipster locale begging for some Latin American influence and then providing them with just that! From snakes, to two meter long taco trays, to live latino music, this launch increased my desire to head across the other side of the world and visit our South American friends.


Little Cuba

Lady Carolina launch


Food that Spiced the Night

At most events, I like to keep my eye on the waiters…ok that’s sounds suss. I’ll rephrase. I like to keep my eye on the person or persons who are going to be handing out the food. It is quite common for us valchers to expect, that an event with a large crowd like this, the food will be gone in no time. Taco after taco and delicious Tijuana Style Lamb Barbacoa, the food kept coming and my belly kept growing. By the end of my night I was politely rejecting the gestures of waiters and waitresses, who had possibly scouted me at the beginning of the night as ‘the hungry one’.

Having spent some time in Asia, a number of years ago, where I discovered my body is my temple and all that jazz, I’m no longer a big drinker. In fact, two glasses of red wine means I’ve really let my hair down. However, upon walking in the door, strategically placed at the end of the bar; in view from the front entrance, were Lady Margaritas and pods of Inca Punch. I heard a rumour that the cocoa pod piscos were imported from Cuba, which were held in quarantine for months prior to the launch! However, after further clarification with the owners, it turns out the pods are from our very own Daintree. But don’t let this wee fact get in the way of a good story! I selected the Lady Margarita based on the fact I could smell the orange fruity aroma and convinced myself the fruit part will do me good!


After a night of entertainment, a Latin inspired photo, a margarita and goodness knows how many tacos, we decided to call it a night.

Lady Carolina Latin Street food will be opening soon, but until then, the wine and dine I believe is a definite must!




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