A mystery getaway to the Tasmanian wilderness

As I flew across the Bass Strait with a hardy group of Journos and Bloggers, we only had one thing in common – we all had no idea what we were travelling into the Tasmanian wilderness to experience. There’s not too many surprises left in this day and age, so it was no mean feat for James Boag to gather us together with only the barest hint of what it was we were travelling to see.

Upon landing in Launceston, we were whisked out of town and drove straight in to the natural paradise that is the Tasmanian countryside.



Boags Brewery

James Boag celebrates in Tasmania


Australia is known for its sense of “space”, and Tasmania for me compares to the Red Outback of WA. You don’t have to go far from the major cities to feel like you’ve uncovered a slice of solitary paradise that has been crafted just for you.

It seemed that in no time at all we were out of the bustling hub of Launceston and back in time to a purer, simpler landscape. Think broad, green glacial valleys dotted with lambs, that were hugged by rugged mountains in the distance.

It was atop one of these mountains in Ben Lomond National Park that we discovered what James Boag had brought us to experience. Greeted by James Boag brand ambassador Daniel MacPherson, we enjoyed an icy-cold James Boag Premium Lager along with some amazing Tasmanian produce including Cape Grim Beef and local cheeses. Heaven.


Dan McPherson

Cheers to the Meteorphonium

James Boag Premium on ice


Dan then introduced us to musician Nick Ryan and computer scientist Daniel Jones, who had just flown from London with a world-first innovation to share with us, in this most unlikely of places.

These award-winning experts in sound, technology and data then revealed something quite extraordinary – a completely new musical instrument called the ‘James Boag Meteorphonium’ that played a symphony composed entirely of environmental and meteorological elements… A symphony from an unexpected place.


James Boag Meteorphonium

Meteorphonium speaker

Meteorphonium in Tasmania


How best to explain this concept?

Individual elements of the instrument were sparked into action depending on what the atmosphere was doing, be it a drop in temperature, a change in wind speed, a spike in humidity – the James Boag Meteorphonium would then create a unique soundtrack based on these elements, live in real time.



The beauty of the James Boag Meteorphonium?

Its hypnotic symphony can never be replicated exactly, and your own individual experience of the music created from the instrument is unique to that specific moment in time.

From rugged to refined is the essence of James Boag’s crisp, premium beer. While I had already loved the idea behind this sentiment, it never really struck home to me until I visited Tasmania with their fabulous team. To me, “rugged to refined” is about harnessing the raw elements of the Tasmanian wilderness and crafting it into something that pays homage to all that Tasmania is – Pure, Natural and Like No Other.


The James Boag Meteorphonium is coming to Melbourne!

I’m very excited to reveal news exclusive to Melbourne Girl – the James Boag Meteorphonium is coming to Melbourne, and will delight guests inside the James Boag Marquee at Flemington this Melbourne Cup Carnival!

I am so excited to find out how the instrument will interpret the “atmosphere” of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. I love the challenge James Boag has set – to capture and interpret the electric atmosphere of a spring racing at Flemington.

If I were Nick and Dan, what would I try to capture? It would have to be the thundering of the horses as they approach the winning post, the clink of glasses, the spikes in temperature (Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable weather after all!) and the roar of the crowd as their Trifecta comes in!


Stay tuned to Melbourne Girl, as we’ll reveal how the James Boag Meteorphonium interprets this most Melbourne of events throughout Melbourne Cup Carnival!



This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and James Boag.



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