Cancer Council Community Fundraising Awards – Irene, Kim and Raghuveer

In our final post on the incredible Cancer Council Victoria community fundraisers, we meet three more incredible Victorians and learn more about how fundraising supports not only those affected by cancer, but the whole community now (and for generations to come!)

With around $1.9 million dollars raised by community fundraisers each year, these ordinary Victorians provide an incredible boost to the vital work of the Cancer Council Victoria.




Australia is lucky enough to have one of the highest survival rates in the world for cancer. This survival rate is in part thanks to the donations from previous generations, whose generosity has helped to fund research that supports us today.

From the ‘no hat, no play’ policies that are now standard for today’s school kids, to the plain pack cigarettes roll-out, this is just some of the high profile work that the Cancer Council has been involved in.





It really struck home to me that fundraising efforts today could help save my daughter’s generation, and even my grandchildren. Incredible!

We still lose around 11,000 Victorians each year to cancer, so it’s vital that this work continues so we can aim to reduce this number to zero.

Read on to find out more about Irene, Kim and Raghuveer!



Kim is a proud Melbournian of Vietnamese background who works tirelessly to help those in her community who are currently battling cancer, and also to help raise awareness.

Kim’s own mother is now facing a cancer battle, however this has only inspired Kim to work harder.

When speaking to Kim, I found it really interesting to hear how cancer is talked about and dealt with in her Vietnamese culture. Some people in her community still cling to the belief that cancer is taboo and a ‘punishment’ on those who are afflicted with illness. It is often not talked about in public, and families very much keep to themselves when caring for their loved ones.




Kim is passionate about removing any stigma or taboo about cancer in her community, and also wants to help those from a non-English speaking background to access vital services (including those from the Cancer Council) to help them during their battle with cancer.

Kim raises money for Cancer Council Victoria through fundraising parties and dinners (and has raised over $11,000 so far!)



When Irene’s son died of cancer, her world came to a stop. A survivor of breast cancer herself, Irene wanted to do something to help but didn’t know how initially.




Irene now hosts an annual “Christmas in July” at her home in Altona North with her husband, and raises thousands of dollars for the Cancer Council every year. It’s become the ‘social event of the season’ for her family and friends, and I’m trying to wrangle an invite for this year!



While Raghuveer and his brother Narayan were unable to attend the evening, I was lucky enough to meet their proud Dad who spoke with me about his son’s incredible fundraising efforts.

When Raghu and Narayan lost their much-loved uncle to a malignant brain tumour, they wanted to turn their grief into something positive. They were particularly passionate about creating awareness around the simple lifestyle changes that can help avoid cancer (including exercise and healthy eating).

Keen singers and musicians, Raghu and Narayan organised a concert in Burwood in September last year, and raised over $3000 for the Cancer Council.


raghuveer cancer council


I hope reading about these incredible community fundraisers has inspired you to start thinking about ways to help support Cancer Council Victoria – be it an annual morning tea, a wardrobe exchange or even a gala ball.

Every effort is worthwhile and incredibly important, and makes such a difference.

Prue x


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