Take the ‘Bodhi and Ride’ of your life

Holy moly. This was not your average cycle class.

In fact, calling it a cycle class doesn’t do it justice one bit. This was more like a party. Strobe lights and all, this cycle session combined with an upper body weight workout, had you dancing in your seat the whole time.  I honestly haven’t experienced anything quite like it!

I was surprised to hear that Bodhi & Ride have only been open for eight weeks, considering their ride class on a Wednesday night was completely full. Eager to understand how this ride, yoga and meditation studio had become a success so quickly, I managed to catch up with the owner and hear about how this amazing game-changer was created.



Bodhi & Ride Studio

Bodhi & Ride Studio


Bodhi & Ride’s founder, Michaela, was a high flying corporate banker, turn mum, who wanted to keep fit whilst embracing motherhood. After discovering spin class and yoga while living in London, like many, fitness became her escape where she could unwind and clear out the mess in her head. She loved it so much she became a qualified spin instructor and yogi.

After moving back to Melbourne, Michaela tried to find some spin and yoga studios that were as equally funky as those she had frequented overseas. She longed for something authentic with a bit of attitude. She dreamt of a beautiful space, where people could chill out and belong to a community of like-minded people. So like any boss girl would do, Michaela created a studio like no other. Bodhi & Ride was born.


Interiors of the Bodhi and Ride spin and yoga loft at 416-418 Bay Street Port Melbourne.


I was mesmerised from across the street, by the brightly lit up sign and the lights in the window that spelled out the word “FIND”. After catching up with the lovely Erin, who was joining me in this week’s ClassPass cycle challenge, we were fitted for shoes and directed into the spin chamber. Front and center, there was no going under the radar during this session.

The energy of our instructor Alaina, was amazing. She brought so much energy to the class, I was instantly invigorated by just watching her. She not only ran the class and encouraged us every step of the way, but she was an entertainer. Dancing on and off the bike, cranking the music, giving us motivational pep talks throughout the session and creating a light show you’d expect to see at the theatre. Working out has never been so much fun.


Bodhi & Ride - Bike Studio


We did lot’s of hip shaking, hill climbs, push ups on the bike, exercises that targeted our obliques and abs, plus some upper body strength work, all while peddling. By the end I was red faced and sweaty, to say the least. So much had happened in just 45 minutes, I couldn’t decide if I was exhausted or excited. I was definitely sure I would sleep well that night and be sore the next day!

With big smiles across our faces, Erin and I thanked our lovely hosts and walked out of this Port Melbourne studio still wondering what had just happened…


If you would like to party while you workout, or have an experience that you will never forget, then head to Bodhi & Ride. You are guaranteed to have the ride of your life!




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