Flow After Dark Silent Yoga Disco

It was a typical Winter’s night in Melbourne and I was excited to be invited along to Flow After Dark for the first time. My bones were stiff and I had allowed the cold to make me cranky. Not only had I lost all feeling in my fingers and toes, but I had just missed the train into the city. It was another 18 minute wait. So, stupidly I decided to drive into the city from St Kilda. I couldn’t bare being out in this cold for another second longer.

After completing 100 laps up and down Collins Street trying to find a car park and a slight altercation with a taxi driver (who stole my car park), I managed to find a spot on LaTrobe Street. I should have waited for the train.

A mere 300 meter sprint down Swanston Street, had me arriving at the Melbourne Town Hall at 7:20 pm. ‘Only’ 20 minutes late, I ran up the stairs and through the doors to find a sea of people in Child’s Pose, with blue glowing headphones placed over their ears. A perfect situation where I could tip-toe to the back left corner and roll out my mat and join in; as though I had been there the whole time.


Flow After Dark Silent Yoga Disco

Flow After Dark - Melbourneo


Flow After Dark Silent Disco at Melbourne Town Hall was hosted by Stylerunner and Flow Athletic. Wearing a cute tutu and with legs to die for, Flow Athletic Co-founder Kate Kendall, guided us through our practice, along with the beautiful and fluid beats of Sydney DJ, James Mack.

The room was silent… until I put my Silent Sounds headphones on. Tuning in to Kate’s voice and the music in the background, I let go of that altercation with the taxi driver (that had left me with an anxious, unhappy feeling in my tummy) and put all my energy and focus into the remaining 70 minutes of Vinyasa. Having attended Wanderlust a month before, that same magical vibe returned, the one you get when you are immersed in a practice that is so mindful, one you get to take part in, with 300 other people. It’s truly something else.

Every now and then I would remove my headphones, pop my head up to see the blue lights and different glow-stick colours glowing. Everybody was in-sync and everything was silent.


Silent Disco at Melbourne Town Hall

Silent Yoga Disco

Getting set for Flow After Dark Silent Yoga Disco


The over-sized yoga class soon came to an end and I was now feeling a lot calmer than what I was when I walked in. I lined up to get myself a delicious turmeric blend from Golden Grind.

I had missed out on the goody bag (being too busy uploading pics on social media will do that), but I was un-phased, because now I was in a mood that not even a car park stealing taxi driver could ruin.


Golden Grind

Delicious turmeric blend from Golden Grind

Turmeric blend shots from Golden Grind


Flow After Dark Silent Yoga Disco will be running again in Melbourne on the 30th August.

To book tickets, click here.




Photos by Lee Te Hira for Melbourne Girl ©




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    I am a big fan of yoga and i practice yoga daily… But this is so unique..those glowing blue lights looks so amazing.. I would definitely love to try this next time. Thanx for sharing this,

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