Wait, it’s snowing in Melbourne!

Wait, it’s snowing in Melbourne! Yep, that’s right… It’s snowing on South Wharf!

Snow in Melbourne is not a sight you generally expect to see. However, it will be snowing on Dukes Walk Promenade for the next ten days, all evening from 5pm until late. We were invited to head along last night for a special sneak peek and the sight is absolutely magical.

The walk down the Promenade is truly amazing with snowflakes drifting by, coloured lights and spruce tress also add to the effect! It’s like a touch of European winter has visited Melbourne and we love it!


It’s snowing in Melbourne!


Snow in Melbourne

South Wharf - Melbourne Winter


Local vendors are also taking part in the event, with special promotions to mark the occasion. Our top picks are dessert pizzas (from Plus 5), mulled cider (from Comman Man) and Steak & Shiraz night (at Meat Market).


It’s Snowing on South Wharf is a FREE event.

So head along and enjoy the winter fun with friends and family.






Laura is a fashion and lifestyle writer, and editor based in the beautiful city of Melbourne. She has a degree in Journalism and tries not to spend all of her savings on hand bags... fail!

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