9Round boxing studio opens in Fitzroy

9Round has just landed in Melbourne and it’s something we have never really seen or experienced before. It is a boxing studio without a timetable. Yep, that’s right, you just rock up and join in whenever you feel like it! The longest you will have to wait is 3 minutes for a round to finish and then you can just jump right in.

For all you time poor people out there, who have crazy busy schedules and perhaps often find yourself chasing the clock… and losing when it comes to making it to a regular fitness class; 9Round has your name written all over it.


9round launch melbourne

Fitness Talks - 9Round launch in Fitzroy

Melbourne Girl - 9Round launch in Fitzroy


9Round is nine rounds of boxing fitness. Each ‘station’ has an exercise, which could be a boxing exercise such as punching into a boxing bag or a doing body weight exercise such as burpees. You stay at this station and perform this exercise for 3 minutes, then you have 30 seconds of ‘active rest’… so you don’t rest at all. Your active rest could be jumping lunges or star jumps, anything that is the opposite of resting!

It’s an intense 30 minute workout. After the first 3 minute round, you are huffing and puffing, but excited from all the shouting and motivation from the trainers. There is no time to rest in this workout. So if you are one of those people who like to go under the radar during a workout and back off a bit, it ain’t going to happen here!


9Round Fizroy launch party

9Round launch in Fitzroy


Pia goes to 9Round launch in Fitzroy


Last week I dragged the boyfriend along to their opening night in their new Fitzroy studio. Wellness Coach, Andi Lew was there to introduce the team and give us some insight into what the night would bring. After being hooked up to a Myzone fitness monitor I was ready to rumble. After 4 rounds, the team decided to call it a night. They might have looked at us and thought we’d had enough or perhaps our excitement got too much for them to handle…

Regardless of their reasoning to stop, the 12 minute high-intensity boxing class was intense and provided a good taste-test for this new time-less workout that’s just landed in Melbourne.




4/397 Smith Street
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065




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    9Round opens in Fitzroy | Melbourne Fitness & WellbeingMelbourne Fitness & Wellbeing

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