Kenko Kitchen teams up with r.a.w studios

Kate Bradley founder of Kenko Kitchen, has teamed up with r.a.w studios Melbourne to showcase some of her deliciously raw recipes from her new cookbook, Kenko Kitchen Cookbook.

After deciding to give up refined-sugar, gluten and processed foods back in 2012, Kate not only improved her health, but her passion for cooking was revolutionised. She began to make simple, tasty, whole-food recipes that everyone could enjoy.

On this frosty night in Melbourne, a friend and I headed to the beautiful r.a.w studios on Russel Street. After ending up in the Japanese restaurant below, we were redirected by staff and managed to arrive just in time for Kate’s first demonstration.

So unlike me to get lost…

I was taken back by this incredible space. r.a.w studios has been beautifully designed, consisting of two studios where people can attend classes such as yoga, barre and functional movement. In the center of the studio is a communal area that has some couches and a kitchen. Amongst the timber and plants, you feel like you are in a Balinese retreat, rather than a basement studio in the middle of Melbourne.

The first two recipes Kate shared was her Raw Seed Crackers with Cashew Cheese and Raw Super Seed & Nut Bars. I was very excited when I got to taste these! I am a big fan of having a glass of wine with some cheese and crackers. I also love nut bars, but it is really hard to find crackers and nut bars that don’t contain vegetable or sunflower oil in them. Now I no longer need to look! I can make them myself.

These were amazing!


Kenko Kitchen teams up with r.a.w studios


Kate then demonstrated how to make Superfoods Bliss Balls, which are always a crowd favourite and Raw Chocolate Mousse Tarts which were decorated with pretty violets. All of Kate’s recipes are plant-based, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan, however she does use honey- something she has not managed to give up and I can’t blame her!

If you would like to have access to similar recipes and more, then check out Kate’s website. Alternatively you can purchase her new cookbook Kenko Kitchen Cookbook, at book stores across Australia.

If you would like to relax, unwind or even exercise in a a stunning space that is r.a.w studios, then check out their website for more information.


r.a.w. Studios Yoga

r.a.w. studios






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