Top 5 picks of the Italian Film Festival

When you think of the Lavazza Italian Film Festival you think of stylish fashion and food, and this is exactly how the film festival was launched this week.  The festival promises engaging and entertaining films, that will provoke thought or leave you in a fit of laughter.

The scene was set with the all-important glass of Italian Bandini Prosecco and succulent appetizers from Italian stallion D.O.C.  The crowd was suitably fashionable, and there was an electric European feel in the air.  As we entered the grand cinema we were given a delicious box of goodies, filled to the brim with amazing Italian treats cleverly put together by D.O.C.


Melbourne Italian Film Festival

Melbourne Italian Film Festival


The movie that launched the festival was Perfect Strangers. In a nut shell, it is a movie about a group of lifelong friends getting together for a dinner party.

They discuss how mobile phones hold everyone’s secrets, so the host suggests they play a game with the phones. She suggests they put their phones in the middle of the table, and that throughout the night all of the guests have to reveal the messages and calls that come through.  Would you want everyone to see your messages?

The fun starts as the phones being to receive messages and calls, and the night becomes embroiled in scandals and humour. This is a movie that tackles the secrets that are held in our phones, and will make you laugh out loud.


Melbourne Italian Film Festival


As we left the cinema, we were offered the most amazing Lavazza affogato to finish the night with a hit of deliciousness!

The Italian film festival runs until the 15th October, and there are so many great movies to choose from.


Top 5 picks of the Italian Film Festival


Perfect Strangers
For a take on modern day life with a brilliant does of laughter

Where am I Going?
This hilarious comedy was the highest-grossing movie in Italian history and looks very funny.

One Kiss
This film is a story of teenage friendship, the limits of imagination and the consequence of honesty.

The Space Between 
This one is an Australia-Italian feature film set in Melbourne. The film is a stylistically and emotionally beautiful film that will appeal to the romantic in all of us.

Roman Holiday (restored)
This is the film that shot Audrey Hepburn to stardom, and is one of the best romantic comedies of all time!






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