New Blue Cheese Burger At Easey’s

We recently swung past our friends at Easey’s with promise of two great things 1) a new burger… a blue cheese burger and 2) the man and legend Adam Richman, of Man Versus Food, to introduce us to this mouth-watering treat.

The scene for the evening was set; a flowing bar, roving beer battered chips and a Burger Blue Station packed with the perfect condiments and accompaniments to match the much anticipated Costello Burger Blue; Australia’s first sliced blue cheese.


Burger Blue Station

Burger Table


We’ve been admiring Easey’s menu since it first opened its train carriage doors in 2015 and were beyond excited at the prospect of a new blue cheese burger. Overwhelmed with burger toppings, we took Adam’s advice and laid down ice-cold lettuce and tomato, sautéed onions, crispy bacon and fig chutney.

The result? INCREDIBLE!

Whilst devouring our creation, Adam shared his predictions in the burger world for 2017 – think artisanal creations; no buns, new proteins being used and plant based burgers, and proclaimed his love of blue cheese (we have so much in common!)


Adam Richman


“I love blue cheese on a burger! It has such a sharp taste, it’s a really great balance to the richness of a burger patty. Without question, I would definitely serve it with somewhat thickly cut black pepper-crusted bacon, sautéed onions and mushrooms and some kind of plum tomato or oven-dried tomato. And because burger cheese, but with more of a flavor punch than perhaps more traditional cheeses, you don’t need to use a lot to get great flavor in every bite!”


Blue Station


You can add a slide of Costello Burger Blue on any burger at Easey’s until 13th Nov (or while stocks last) or can try it for yourself at home; Burger Blue is available at major supermarkets for $7.99.


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