The Eternal Headonist

For all you ladies out there who value quality fashion with a soft spot for Melbourne designers – I have an exciting find for you! The Eternal Headonist has opened a beautiful new store and style room in the amazingly beautiful Georges building in the heart of Melbourne city. Every style, colour, design, era, size you could want you can find at The Eternal Headonist, I just wish my photos showed HALF the amazing collection they have available.

I am after all a sucker for Australian designers – being a struggling one myself – so any chance I get to see the ‘little guys’ making their mark on the world really makes me want to jump in with support. I was so thrilled to see not only Australian designers in general, but Melbourne’s own Chantelle Ford of Ford Millinery was also gracing the shelves at The Eternal Headonist. Praise the lord for all the Melbourne designers out there doing their thing!


The Eternal Headonist


I’m sure you have all noticed that your favourite fashion labels have all of a sudden become headwear stockist overnight, the cool thing about The Eternal Headonist is they haven’t just popped up for racing season. They are trying to create a culture or should I say, encourage an already existing culture, that headwear is fashionable at ANY time of year!

So for those of you who just want a straw brimmed hat for summer, you can find it at The Eternal Headonist.


The Eternal Headonist

The Eternal Headonist


The Eternal Headonist was born in 2014 in our beautiful city, out of a love for headwear, fashion and fun, and a growing frustration about the lack of accessible, quality, fashion-forward headwear and millinery on the market.

With racing season practically at our finger tips (plus plenty of other reasons to wear a hat around Melbourne), pop into their style room and join the Headonist culture!


The Eternal Headonist
195 Little Collins Street, Melbourne




You can also shop their full collection online, with seasonal collections dropping regularly.




Erin is a blogger from Melbourne, with a Diploma of Fashion from RMIT and an aspiring fashion designer currently working on BOY IS MINE the label. When Erin isn't busy refreshing her Instagram feed and designing things, shes running around Melbourne blogging and trying to be funny.


  • November 1, 2016

    Leanne Ardossi


  • […] I was fortunate enough to be allowed to try on half the store (not a joke) when I was there last week for their Spring Racing launch party. Trust me when I say, they have every style, colour and trend a girl could ask for. The amazing thing about this store it’s not just about Spring Racing, they are open all year round and are creating a culture that perfectly crafted, quality headwear can be a fashion accessory worn all year round. I wrote about this Eternal Headonist phenomenon last year for Melbourne Girl. […]

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