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Created by two amazing Melbourne mums, Lulu and Milly is a gorgeous online clothing brand that will send you gaga. Boasting an eclectic mix of tees, leggings, headbands, bows and bloomers, the locally designed range offers the perfect staples for any growing wardrobe.

We caught up with Jasmine and Amanda of Lulu and Milly to chat about what the brand stands for and exactly how it’s come to be one of Melbourne’s favourite clothing labels for little girls.


Lulu and Milly - Leggings

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What inspired you to start Lulu and Milly?

When we both had our second children (both girls) we got chatting about kid’s fashion and decided to have a go at making some headbands. Amanda has a sewing background and Jasmine has always been interested in fashion so it was a perfect combination! We also were inspired to make clothing that was stylish but still comfortable and practical for little ones.


What sets Lulu and Milly apart from other clothing brands?

Lulu and Milly is Australian made. Our fabric is designed, knitted and printed right here in Melbourne and all products are manufactured locally. We work with an artist to create our designs so all designs are unique and exclusive to our range.


What are your best selling pieces and why do you think they’re the favourites?

Classic headbands and print leggings; you can’t go past a block coloured headband for everyday! Our customers love to pair our headbands with leggings and a t-shirt as well as a special occasion dress.


Where do you find inspiration for your range?

We find inspiration in so many places! We love our floral prints so will find a lot of inspiration in gardens or even bouquets of flowers. Often vintage fashion or even children’s books inspire us.


Your imagery is gorgeous, any tips on how to get the perfect snap with a wriggly toddler?

Thank you! It can be very challenging to get the images you are after but we find that music always works a treat. For our recent photo shoot we had soft piano music playing when the little ones arrived but often we opt for the wiggles or something the kids are familiar with. Also having something for the little ones to play with is always a good idea. Props that the kids can hold and that interest them such as dolls or teddies are always helpful.


What can we expect to see in your upcoming collection?

Beautiful prints, full of florals and whimsical designs. This season sees some woodland creatures make an appearance, drawn by our beautiful artist Dimity Gray.

We also have new bow clips in some stunning colours.



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