Rooftop Party at St Jerome’s The Hotel

Rooftop Party - St Jerome's Hotel - Melbourne Girl

Amongst the Melbourne city-skyline at St Jerome’s The Hotel, we celebrated the launch of the Spring Linen House collection.. and what a celebration is was!

The Linen House Rooftop Party transformed the hotel into a retro summer one would never forget. Beyond the dancing crowd, was a beautifully designed and thought out garden. This garden was lined with tents and decorated with bright furniture. Each tent was themed to showcase the brand’s bold colours and dynamic mix of prints and fabrics, thanks to Greenhouse Interiors.

Taco in one hand, camera in the other, I set off to explore this beautiful collection.


St Jerome’s The Hotel - Rooftop Glamping in Melbourne

St Jerome’s The Hotel - Linen House Launch

St Jerome’s The Hotel - Rooftop Glamping in Melbourne

Rooftop Party - St Jerome’s The Hotel


My top three favourite ‘sleep retreats’ were:

Mireya: Stepping into this tent, I felt like I had walked into a ranch, perhaps in Canada…or the Swiss Alps. Regardless, this cosy tent was draped in fur rugs and antlers. The linen was simple and crisp: white with stripes.

Tika: Was a seaside haven getaway. Perfect for every beach house or summer escape. Large navy circles dominated the top of the super soft cotton fabric that lay on the bed. The fabric was reversible. Strategically folded back, it exposed smaller circles that detailed underneath, pleasing the more conservative tastes.

Elka: A ‘sleep retreat’ that would keep even the sleepiest awake. Filled with bright colours and splashed in confetti; this tent was screaming ‘a whole lot of fun’. Elka consisted of a combination of spots and geometric prints.


St Jerome’s The Hotel - Rooftop Glamping in Melbourne

St Jerome’s The Hotel - Rooftop Glamping in Melbourne

St Jerome’s The Hotel - Rooftop Glamping in Melbourne


Sorbets, pastels and metallics were also very popular amongst the exceptional Linen House collection. A fantastic night was turned into a fabulous night, when each guest was gifted with a Linen House goodie-bag. Filled with pillow cases and the perfect gift that would surely get everyone excited for summer: an exceptionally soft, stripy beach towel.


Linen House summer collection can be purchased on their website here.






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