Fernwood Summer Sculpt

Earlier this month on the St Kilda Foreshore, Fernwood hosted a lovely breakfast to introduce their Six Week Summer Sculpt. The Fernwood Summer Sculpt aims to reshape your body, mindset and lifestyle, through their gyms and an online support program that offers recipes, meal plans, workouts and community support.

Unfortunately I missed the bootcamp session before breakfast (as I was running a group training session of my own), however, I heard there was a lot of body weight exercises and sweat dripping from the forehead- basically what every girl wants from a workout!

As I arrived I was greeted with many smiles and very warm introductions. The table looked amazing, offering coconut water and fresh fruit. Not to mention, the red rose petals and positive quotes that were scattered across the table reading ‘do us a favour and smile’ (so I did) and ‘giving up is simply not an option’ (I took that as a supportive gesture to keep eating…)


Do us a favour and Smile

Fernwood Summer Sculpt Breakfast


I had the pleasure of sitting next to one of Fernwood’s very own Personal Trainers, Chloe Puszka who is based in Mornington. She gave me a run down of Fernwood’s Summer Sculpt and said that she will be running one of the bootcamps for the six week program.

Her sessions will be every Monday and Thursday in Mornington. She said she had already they had received a lot of interest for the six week program, as we all know, this time of year is when we decide we need to get in shape for summer!


Breakfast - Fernwood Summer Sculpt

Fernwood Summer Sculpt Dancers


Whilst digging into our healthy feast, the music was cranked and some hula girls danced their way out onto the grass. Having been to Hawaii and Pacific Islands, one of my biggest regrets is not seeing an authentic hula dancer! But now we had our very own here to entertain us on St Kilda foreshore!

Freezing? OH YEAH! But a chill in the air didn’t stop them.

The way these girls moved their stomachs and shook those hips was amazing. I was so inspired I even went home afterwards and had a little shake in the lounge room…until the boyfie brought me back to reality and said I needed a lot of work on my booty shake, as it looked more like a hip jerk. Regardless of how well I can, or can’t shake my booty, these girls could!

After several songs, a lot of shaking and some brekkie banter, the morning started to come to an end. Fortunately for me, it ended with a lovely invite to one of Fernwood’s signature classes; Functional Fit. I am so pumped to try this out! I was told this class has similar concepts to Crossfit (me=big fan) and also, of course, it is catered to women.


Fernwood Summer Sculpt - St Kilda Foreshore


Just as I was about to head off, out of the corner of my eye I saw two yogis and fitness enthusiasts, Georgie and Chloe, demonstrate some acro-yoga! Working together (and most of the time in-sync), these ladies managed to pull off some serious moves. Some handstands, balancing and a whole lot of trust, ended a lovely morning hanging out in my hood.


Fernwood’s Summer Sculpt officially started yesterday.

If you would like more information, please visit their Fernwood’s Summer Sculpt.


Pia is a lover of burpees, chocolate and calling it a night before 10pm. She is also the Founder and Real Body Coach at Melbourne Fitness & Wellbeing. MFW is home to all-female bootcamps; where girls just want to have fun...and feel the burn, all at the same time! It is also home to the Melbourne Foodie guide; which recommends where to go and what to eat, without bursting your jean button. Pia spends a lot of her time touring the Melbourne health and fitness scene; from Barre to Sweatin' it with Kayla, Puma Runway shows to Tap dance, she believes that there is a love for fitness out there for everyone; you’ve just got to find it! Pia hopes that through her writing and own personal experiences, she can help people find their love of fitness, in this beautfiul city she calls home.

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