Golden Door Breakfast at Federation Square

Waking up at the crack of dawn is something I am use to. Being a Personal Trainer, working before the sun is up is just another day in the life of. When I was asked to attend the Golden Door Health and Spa Retreat breakfast at Zinc, Federation Square, where we would start our day with some Tai Chi, I thought: could there be a better way to embrace a Friday morning?

Possibly not.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that is actually a branch of the Chinese martial art, Wushu. Tai Chi is aimed at improving concentration, developing self-defence skills and generally improving your overall well-being. Jaye Hoelscher, Program Manager from Golden Door, took us through a twenty minute session on the banks of the Yarra; as dawn broke and the sun lit up the Melbourne sky.

Now the sole reason I knew Tai Chi was good for my mind, was because it enhanced my attempt to block out the surrounding noise, which included that of a council worker blowing the leaves and dirt with his very loud blower thingy. It was almost as if he was right on cue with our ‘peaceful and serene’ Tai Chi session. Hats off to Jaye for remaining focused and totally dedicated to the practise. Had the roles been reversed, who knows where that blower thingy would have ended up…


Tai Chi - Federation Square


After the Tai Chi session in Federation Square, we were directed inside to our tables, and served up our scrumptious and very healthy breakfast. Our ‘entrée’ was the Golden Door Organic Toasted Muesli served with natural Greek yoghurt and fruit puree.

This was washed down with an energising drink made up of orange juice, a shot of cucumber, ginger, honey and coconut water. This had already hit the spot and we hadn’t even been served our ‘main’ course yet.


Melbourne breakfast at Zinc


Before the ‘mains’ came out, Jaye introduced the Head Chef at Golden Door, David Hunter who shared one very basic, yet fundamental tip for eating a healthy breakfast and that was, ‘don’t skip it!’ After the wise words from a significant man at Golden Door, we asked to partake in the ‘Oleo chant’, a chant often done by an African tribe before eating, but today it was led by Jaye herself. Thank goodness there were enough people in the room to drown out the tone-deaf sound coming from my mouth!

After our chant, just in case the ice hadn’t been broken or melted just yet, Jaye decided to play an ‘ice-breaker game’. A game that taught me that I perceive myself as an elephant; loyal, strong and larger than life. A game where I am told people perceive me as loud, vibrant and passionate. A game that joyfully explained that my sex life is long and majestic… You will have to go to Golden Door Retreat and speak to Jaye if you want to uncover these findings within in your own life!

Our main meal was served and boy it was worth the ice-breaker game! Poached eggs on toasted herb focaccia, avocado, roasted mushrooms, wilted spinach, tomato, basil, Yarra Valley Persian fetta served with Golden Door Dukka Spice Mix.


Golden Door Health and Spa Retreat breakfast


After our bellies were nourished we were introduced to best selling author, writer and inspirational speaker Joanne Fedler; who hands down, was the highlight of my fabulous morning. Joanne was there to talk about ‘sustenance in a busy life’.

Honestly, I have a page full of her insight, perception and teachings from that morning and not to mention I have ordered her latest book ‘When Hungry Eat’. So I could be here all day talking about this fabulous and very funny woman!


But instead I will leave you with these three key things that Joanne taught that morning, that truly resinated with me and have caused me to reflect on how I can bring more sustenance to my life:

  1. There are three things in life that will ALWAYS take time: insight, intimacy and patience.
  2. Sustenance is about what we let go, not what we let in. What is trapping us is often to do with what we won’t let go of.
  3. If you had to name all the things you love, how long would it take you to say ‘me’?


Be sure to treat yourself or loved one, to a stay at Golden Door Health and Spa Retreat in the beautiful Hunter Valley.

If you would like to know more about the fabulous and very inspiring Joanne Fedler, then please click here.





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