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Kat the Label - Melbourne

There’s some pretty damn fine design coming out of this great city of ours but lingerie brand Kat the Label is the newest creative muse to spark our attention.

Designed and imagined in Melbourne, the brand has just released its second line of intimates, which boasts bralettes and knickers in the most intricate fabrics and fiercest of cuts across a monochromatic colour palette.


Kat the Label



Mesmerised by the new sophomore collection, we caught up with the Founder and Designer, Kate Nixon, to get the low down on the brand, life as a designer in Melbourne and trend predictions for the year ahead.


Where do you find inspiration for Kat the Label in Melbourne? 

I find inspiration everywhere in Melbourne! From the people working in the city to the music posters painted along the walls of Prahran and the abundance of cafes and hole-in-the-walls coffee shops that scatter Melbourne streets. My inspiration isn’t always so literal and related to lace or lingerie, but more from colours and chaos and the juxtaposition between clashing textures that I see that intrigue my creative side.


What’s your favourite thing about being a designer in Melbourne? 

I love the creative hub of people in Melbourne and the entrepreneurial/start-up side of this city. There is always someone to collaborate with to work on a project together, or just be in the same boat of building a business to pull my hair out with over great coffee.


What’s your favourite piece from the collection? 

My favourite piece from this season is the Lullaby bralette. This fabric was so hard to source, I searched high and low for the perfect mesh with appliqué flowers as I wanted a 3D effect on the fabric. Once I found it I knew it was the one! I want every fabric to evoke emotion and inspire, and I feel like this piece sums this up perfectly.


We’re seeing so many pastels, neons, florals and pop colours, why did you choose a monochromatic colour palette?

I want to always stay away from trends as my designs are not trend-based but classic and staple pieces that aren’t going to date. Because I am working with lingerie, I think it’s important to buy a piece that you love and want to wear again and again, and by using monochrome colour palette I think it helps keep each piece timeless.


What do you predict will be the next big trend in womens lingerie? 

I think bralettes and sheer fabrics are getting more and more popular and won’t stop anytime soon. With the ‘free the nipple’ movement getting some traction I think people are more open to wearing little sheer bralettes and showing off their undergarments than hiding them away.


You have a gorgeous Instagram account and you’ve said this has been a key to your success, what are some of your favourite local accounts to follow and why? 

Instagram has been instrumental for me launching my business. I also get some inspiration from bloggers, photographers and models accounts too. Some of my fave Melbourne ones are:

@tessleopold_ @connorjvaughn @sophiedhuij @jatoncouture @whatwouldkarldo and @becjudd


Kat the Label - Bra


Kat the Label intimates are luxe yet affordable pieces fitting for both everyday comfort and special occasions.

Ranging from $22 to $49 per item, the collection can be viewed and snapped online at













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