Country Road opens sparkling new store in Albert Park

Country Road opens sparkling new store in Albert Park and the excitement was obvious last week when the store was officially launched.

Special guests celebrated the glittering store with a refreshing gin mule in hand or a sparkling champagne from the exclusive champagne bar at the rear of the store.


Country Road Albert Park


Put simply, the new store is beautiful. The crisp white walls, soaring ceilings and exposed beams make you feel like you are shopping in the Hamptons. This is all offset by marble and gold finishing’s to add pure New York luxury to the store.

The fashion looks stunning. The new store has the latest collections and also includes an exclusive line for the Albert Park store to match the forward-thinking fashion style of the locals. The neighbourhood style store features women’s, men’s, children’s and homewares collections, so you can find everything you need here.



Country Road Albert Park


For me the most exciting part of the launch was the introduction to the new café concept attached to the store. The café within the store is called Park at Country Road. This lifestyle concept started in Country Road stores in South Africa and has been first trialled in Victoria in the Sorento store.

Park is run in conjunction with Tommy Collins (the crew behind the food and many of Melbourne’s most exclusive events) and opens its window at 7am. The fresh morning menu is centred around a delicious choose-your-own adventure type cereal menu. You choose favourite cereal, then choose your milk and finally decide on your finishing touches amongst items such as freeze dried berries, tropical fruit or raw pana chocolate. The afternoon menu focuses on refined seasonal salads and sandwiches.


Melbourne Girl Cheers


The hero here is the almond milk on offer. This fantastic concept allows you to choose from four flavours on tap including chocolate, chai, matcha or turmeric.  All flavours punching above their weight in the nutrition stakes!

You can also buy a refillable bottle, choose your milk flavour and bring back the bottle when you are in need of some more.



Albert Park Store
21/25 Victoria Ave,
Albert Park VIC 3206








Clare is a Melbourne based (degree qualified) nutritionist, passionate about helping people feast on Melbourne eats with health in mind. Passionate about teaching her clients about sensible, smart eating leading to a long healthy life.

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